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140'X240' with Return all Galvanized - $6,999

(Order by August 31, 2016)

cowboy events

Arena Drag and Groomer

Shipping Zones

Buster Arena Drag

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Our cowboys at Red River designed Buster for use in their own arenas and liked it so much that they decided to sell them! Buster is designed to plow and level your riding area with one pass.  The adjustable S Tines will dig your arena to your desired depth and the rear tumbler breaks up dirt clods leaving your arena clean and smooth.

Buster is available in 6' or 8' models.
(Minimum 40hp tractor needed)

Arena Drags Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3  
6' Buster $2,150.00 $2,650.00 $3,150.00
8' Buster $2,850.00 $3,350.00 $3,850.00

arena drag without tumbler 01

arena drag without tumbler 02

arena drag without tumbler 03

Arena Drags Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3  
6' Buster $1,950.00 $2,450.00 $2,950.00
8' Buster $2,150.00 $2,650.00 $3,150.00

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